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Jumbo Dryer Balls


  • Chemical-free and economical alternative to dryer sheets
  • Pure wool, i.e., no fillers
  • Packaged in sets of threes
  • Chemical-free: The wool dryer balls are free from chemicals found in synthetic dryer sheets or liquid fabric softener
  • Long-lasting: Each dryer ball lasts for 1000+ loads
  • Reduced drying time: As the wool dryer balls tumble in the dryer, they absorb excess water from your clothes. The dryer balls also keep clothes separated and circulating, allowing hot air to better dry your clothes. They have been found to reduce drying time between 25-30%
  • Reduced static: Because the wool absorbs excess moisture from your clothes, the balls help reduce the build-up of static electricity in your dryer
  • Environmentally friendly: The wool dryer balls are non-polluting and break down naturally in the compost when you are finished with them


To Use:

  • Simply toss the dryer balls with your wet clothes in the dryer!
  • Use 3 dryer balls for small/medium loads, and 5-6 dryer balls for large loads
  • If you would like to add natural fragrance to your clothes: after the drying cycle is over, take out the dryer balls and add 2-3 drops of your favorite naturalOrgani’s essential oil to each ball. Finally, run your clothes on the no-heat/ fluff cycle for 5-7 minutes.

Additional Info:

  • If you feel the dryer balls look dirty after use, simply wash them in the sink and toss them back in the dryer again. We throw ours in the washing machine.
  • If your clothes are coming out with static, remember that you are cutting down on your overall drying time by using the wool dryer balls. Therefore, you might now be over-drying your clothes and need to adjust your dryer settings.
  • Separating synthetics from other clothes in the dryer can also help reduce static.


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